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Hey everyone. I’d like to review something I prefer now. I just got it and I feel…hmmmmm… it is really nice to recommend.
I will choose the best one among the skincare and make up products I have used. I may review like an amateur, but I really wanna do like bloggers do as I have read lots of reviews and used a lot. So I wanna share my beauty experience (I assume it is  beautiful!) in my style 55. Let’s start with skin care. Personally, I use skin care products randomly because my skin is not sensitive. Yes, I know I am lucky. I see many people who have a sensitive skin have to choose carefully what best suit their skin. So when someone asks me what I use, I cannot answer well. My usual step is washing face > applying serum > applying eye cream and following by night cream only some nights because I’m lazy. However, my skin is dry so I have to use serum regularly.

A product I wanna share today is “La vita Bright Facial Serum.” You may not familiar with it. I have just known for a while from my friend recommendation. La vita is a Thai brand. Its ingredient includes herbs such as Centella, Indian gooseberry, mushroom, mangosteen, etc , that can make your skin smoother, firmer, and radiant. It is gentle to all skins as claimed on the box. So I think people who have sensitive skins can use it. All ingredients are herbs. The oily skin can also use it because it is not sticky at all.


La Vita’s real user reviews  (photo)


The serum texture of La Vita (above) is quite creamy liquid. Its color is darker than you see in the photo. I compare it with “Biotherm” Aquasource Deep Serum that I have used. I love it very much so I haven’t tried other serums for a long time until I try La Vita. Its texture is like Biotherm, but Biotherm has pearl shimmer reflecting its high-end status LOL. For scent, La Vita smells light and clean. It includes a little fragrance while Biotherm has fresh and nice scent. Personally, I prefer Biotherm’s scent. This is a travelling size of Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum.

เซรั่ม ลาวิต้า

เซรั่ม ลาวิต้า


La Vita’s package is nice. It comes as a pump that can easily use. It also has a metallic green lid that looks quite good. The prize is 1,290 baht which is proper for 30g. I think it is not cheap, but comparing to other serums of counter brand cosmetics, La Vita is not expensive at all. For example, a regular size of Biotherm already costs 2,000 – 3,000 baht.

ลาวิต้า เซรั่ม

Comparing photo



After 3 weeks, my face has become smoother. The serum absorbs fast. It does not just coat my face, but put the moisture in the skin. After using for a while, acne appears. I don’t know if it is the effect from the serum, but it might be because I stay up late. I continue to use it anyway. It helps reduce acne and red spots. Acnes and rashes do not appear any more. It becomes my choice of skin care product as its efficiency is similar to Biotherm. I will use the product interchangeable.



Impression after using  (photo)


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