[Review] La Vita (Pantip.com)

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The package is simple with the silver letters on the box. There is an air bubble sheet inside to protect the product from breaking. The bottle looks luxury. The pump is easy to push.  Only one drop can be used all over my face. I have to push more to apply on my neck so it is like I need to use one and a half pump.

P.S. My face is quite small. Others may use 2 drops. It is not wasteful.

The serum color is quite white. The texture is not liquid, but it is fast absorbed. The scent is good. When I apply the serum on my face, it seems smoother and bounces back. As shown on the box, this serum treats the skin in three features:

1. Firm and smooth;
2. Brings radiant;
3. Gentle for all skins.

We already knew the features of La Vita Vital Bright Serum. Let’s see the photos after using it. After a week of application, acnes appears on my face gradually. I am a little frightened. I’ve found out that I haven’t read carefully that the product contains BHA. So, my cystic acnes appears LOL. My face becomes brighter anyway though there are acnes.

BHA helps stimulate exfoliation as well as AHA. The difference is AHA is soluble in water while BHA is soluble in fat. So, BHA can absorb into the fat and clean the dirt in the pores very well. Personally, I do not have much acnes, but big cystic acnes usually appears. They’re not boil, but hard inside that makes me so moody. Therefore, people who have cystic acnes may see the them after using this serum. If you want to continue using it until the acnes are gone, it may take time depending on your skin. But if you can’t stand this effect, you should stop using it.

Not only BHA, but it also has another interesting ingredient which is Standardized Centella asiatica Premium Extract, the high efficient extract from Centella.

The research from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University finds out that Standardized Centella asiatica Premium Extract can boost collagen in the skin layer. It makes your skin flexible, reduces facial wrinkles and scars from acnes.

There are other ingredients as shown in the below photos below:

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