The demonstration of Vital Bright Serum anti-aging effectiveness.

The test, conducted by Dermscan Asia company, measures the fine lines reduction of Asian women in the average age of 51 years old. The sample group has to apply Vital Bright Serum every morning and evening.
They are assessed before starting the serum application (day 0) and after having the serum application on day 28th, 58th and 84th (the first, second and third month).

Green and blue lines at the end of the eyelid (wrinkle) indicates the depth of the wrinkles (see at the top picture).
The result shows that the constant application of Vital Bright Serum can reduce the wrinkles at the end of the eyelid. Green and blue lines are gradually disappeared (picture of day 28th, 56th and 84th) comparing to before application (picture of day 0, the first one). Moreover, the number of green spots indicating small lines are significantly decreased.


Pictures of 2D Anti-aging

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