3D Anti-aging

At the left-hand side is the 3D picture of the skin roughness. The top one presents the skin roughness before Vital Bright Serum application. It has showed that the skin is rough like a mountain with blue-green lines indicating deep wrinkles at the end of the eyelid.

After the constant application of Vital Bright Serum, the skin roughness is minimized and smoother (See in the next photo that the mountain height is lower and wrinkles are filled). Most skin areas becomes delicate and are about the same height as shown in the last day picture (day 84th).

In summary, the constant application of Vital Bright Serum can reduce facial lines and the skin becomes smoother (green and blue spots are decreased and the skin seems to be more delicate in the 3D picture).

 Pictures of 3D Anti-aging

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