Centella (Gotu Kola)

Scientific name: Centella aciatica (L.) Urban

Local name: Water Fern

Botanical description: Centella is a herb that originates in Asia. It is an annual crop that can live several years. The stems are slender and creeping stolon. Its roots and leaves sprout from buds. The leaf is single in kidney shape or almost round. The marginal is serrated round or sharp. The stalk is long. It blooms as a single bunch or 2 -5 bunches together.

Properties : According to Eastern medical treatises, it uses to heal wounds, liver disease, diarrhea, nourishing, gastritis, epilepsy, etc.

Main substances

Centella has 2 main active compounds which are in Triterpenoid glycosides group:

  1. Asiaticoside
  2. Madecassoside

A lot of researches in many countries have found that these active compounds can heal wounds, stimulate collagen Type 1 and reduce skin inflammation with safety guarantee.

What is Standardized Centella aciatica Premium Extract?

Standardized Centella asiatica Premium Extract, the innovation of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University,is the extracted substance from Centella. The substance consists of high degree of purity and quantity of Asiaticosideand Madecassoside, combining in the proper ratio. Its beneficial effects are also supported by various international published researches.


The skin consists of layers as follows:

1. Outter layer

• Hydrolipid film is a thin film layer comprising of water and fat. It helps to maintain hydration, balance moisture, and prevent skin against pollution or adulterated substances.

• Microorganism (normal flora) retains skin balance by restraining pathogen.

2. The epidermis is approximately 0.02 mm thick.

• Consisting of skin cells (Keratinocyte) and fat substances in the middle (intracellular lipid), it prevents skin from dehydration, irritants, allergens and pathogen.

• Melanin production for UV ray protection is in this layer.

3. Dermis is approximately 1 mm thick.

• It consists of blood vessels, receptors, hair follicle nerves, sebaceous and sweat glands.

• The layer is flexible as it contains collagen and glycosaminoglycan which are the basic moist molecules.

4. Sweat glands

It produces sweat to cool down the skin and control body temperature.

5. Sebaceous glands

It creates sebum for skin protection. It also smoothens skin and hair which are the natural skin coverage.


Definitions of heathy skin

Smooth, moisture, and flexible

  •  The collagen layer underneath the skin is perfect.
  • The Sebaceous and sweat glands are not blocked.

Bright, natural color, and not rough

  • The exfoliation system has worked regularly.
  • The anti-oxidant and melanin production underneath the skin is well balanced.

Radiant and healthy

  • The blood circulation is normal.

Rarely having rashes or irritations

  • The Microbials in the skin is balanced and able to retain moistness of the skin.

Stimulate collagen synthesis

The Centella extract efficiency test on stimulating the collagen production in the cell by measured the increasing of Fibroblast* cell in test tube.



Referring to Molecules 2011, 16, 1310-1322.

shows that the using of centella extract (CA30) at the intensity of 30 mg/mL has the similar property with vitamin C, and even better if using  centella extract (CA50) at the intensity of 50 mg/mL.

*The Fibroblast cell produces protein, collagen, and elastin which create the skin firmness, reduce lines, and maintain youthfulness naturally.


UVB protection

It reveals that centellaaciatica extract prevents skin against UVB** sunscreen better than bearberry extract (BB), and similar to octylmethoxycinnamate (OMC) included in sunscreen make-up to absorb UVB.



Refering to Molecules 2011, 16, 1310-1322.


** UVB sunscreen is in a wavelength range of 280 – 320 nanometre. UVB is a main factor to change skin color, skin dehydration, and skin cancer.

Vital Bright Serum

lavitaActive Ingredients

1.Standardized Centella asiatica Premium Extract

  • Collagen Synthesis
  • UVB protection effect
  • Anti-inflammatory

2. Sulforaphane, an extract from Swiss Garden cress sprout in the form of liposomes.

  • Work as a high efficient anti-oxidant as if a skin detox;
  • Restrain a-MSH that stimulates melanin production underneath the skin. Hence, the skin becomes radiant with dark spots decreasing, and brings even skin color;

–  The efficiency test of restraining a-MSH finds that the 0.4% Sulforawhite usage can restrain 44% of melanin production.

–   The efficiency test of whitening with 21 Asian volunteers shows that the 2% Sulforawhite usage can significantly brighten up the skin within 56 days.

3. Glycosphere vACE: Liposomes capsule vitamin A + C + E

Retinol: derivative of vitamin A

  • Work as a high efficient anti-oxidant stimulating the exfoliation and new cell creation leading to the youthful radiant skin.

Ascorbic Acid:  derivative of vitamin C

  • Work as a high efficient anti-oxidant;
  • Stimulate collagen synthesis;
  • Rebalance the skin immune system to keep the skin bright, radiant, and also reduce visibly redness, dark spots, and acne marks.

Tocopherol: derivative of vitamin E

  • Work as a high efficient anti-oxidant;
  • Anti-inflammatory and maintain hydration;
  • Repair and extend skin cell life leading to smooth, healthy and younger-looking skin.

4. Fomes officinalis Mushroom Extract

  • Astringent and pore tightening;
  • Repair skin cell resulting to smoother skin.

The story behind the standardized Centella asiatica PREMIUM EXTRACT

La Vita (Natural Idea) selects the best Centella species in Thailand. It had started with finding local Centella species in many regions, for example, Rayong, Prachinburi, Nakorn Pathom, Ang-Khang. After that we sorted out the best one that gives out the most quantity and quality of the essential extract. Next, we planted and distributed the sprouts to trustworthy farmers along with knowledge on how to well plant Centella in order to guarantee the quality of the Centella source used in the Standardized Centella asiatica Premium Extract production.

After harvesting, the Centella is cleansed, without using chemicals, in order to eliminate dirt and chemicals that may contaminate during planting or transportation. The dehydration, then, has been done within 24 hours to prevent the degradation of the essential substance and to restrain the growth of mold and pathogen. The raw material is now ready to be proceeded according to the production procedure developed by the research of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University.

When the production is completed, the obtained Standardized Centella asiatica Premium Extract will have to pass the qualified standard by analysis and essential extract quantity control in order to gain the best efficiency extract. The contamination, including the pesticides, heavy metals, and pathogen, that may remain after the production is also examined to guarantee consumer product safety.

Furthermore, La Vita has studied the factors affected Centella planting, including planting technics, watering, harvest life ranges, temperature, light intensity, soil preparation, plant nourishment, etc. These will improve the quality of raw material continuously as well as the quality of Standardized Centella asiatica Premium Extract to be more efficient and secure from the beginning of its process life cycle.

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