1. Order

You can order via these channels:
– Call the company’s office at +662-185-4333 ext.3015
– Call the company’s mobile at +669-4557-2511
– E-mail                   :
– Line                      : lavitathailand
– Send a message to La Vita Fanpage at

2. Make Payment

When you receive our confirmation, please make a payment by transferring funds into one of Nature Idea Co.,Ltd. accounts as the following:

Kasikorn Bank     a/c no. 628-2-25744-9   Branch – Paradise Park
Bangkok Bank     a/c no. 232-4-91200-1   Branch – Seacon Square
Krungthai Bank    a/c no. 597-0-18870-0  Branch – Paradise Park

3. Notify Payment 

Please advise us on your funds transferring payment and delivery details as per the following formats:

– Name and address of the recipient
– Total amount funds transferring and the name of the payee bank
– Date and time of the transaction
– Recipient’s contact number
– Recipient’s email

Or send the receipt of your payment to facilitate the tracking process.

Please notify us via these channels:

– Fax          : 02-333-1236, 02-322-9158
– E-mail      :
– Line         : lavitathailand
– Send a message to La Vita Fanpage at

4. Deliver Products  

The company will contact you within 24 hours after we acknowledge your payment.
We will inform you the parcel number. In case you would like to track your parcel, please check at     

You may receive a call from us to check if you have received the product properly.

Any inquiry please call

+662-185-4333 ext. 3019 or+669-4557-2511

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