Khun Jenjira Toeysirisetha


La Vita Vital Bright serum puts the moisture back to my face. It is lightweight with comfy wear. My facial skin is more radiant. Acnes and dark spots are gone rapidly. The distinctive point is that the serum is very fast absorbed. It is not oily after makeup. Like it soooo much.


Khun Supaporn Tassanachaiyasitha


“ After using La Vita Vital Bright Serum, my face feels fresh, looks better, and glow. I like it. ”

Khun Supaporn Tassanachaiyasitha


“ After using La Vita Vital Bright Serum, my face feels fresh, looks better, and glow. I like it. ”

Khun Panitcha Kittipasukan


“ I would like to share my impression on La Vita serum. The serum is lightweight, fast absorption, and non-sticky. My face was moist right after the first application. However, I had acnes after a week of usage, but they were gone later on. I notice that cystic acne becomes smaller rapidly. Yet, the pump is quite hard so it is difficult to push down and not deliver the same amount of serum every time. In conclusion, the serum is ok. I’m pleased with it and will recommend to others. ”

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Review from Bucciime

3. Bucciime

Hi, today I have a skincare product to introduce to all my friends.La Vita is a Thai pharmacist brand Miss Rashada Tantitadapitak).
She has a high passion in natural extracts. One of the researches that she pays special attention to is the research on ECa233 of the
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University. This research has been conducted more than ten years to refine
extract from Centella (Standardized Centella asiatica Premium Extract) which is the origin of this product.

Review from missPimPaka

4. Pimpaka

Review from Emmoojung

2. Emmoojung

First thing is that I am not allergy to it LOL. I’m very very glad because my face is so sensitive. Any skincare product I try always brings rashes, but I am not allergic to this serum, Yeah. After applying on my face, it does not leave a sticky feeling and the scent is nice. Its texture is light and easily absorbed. I feel my face is smoother when waking up in the morning. After using it for a while, my face becomes brighter. I cannot explain more, but I feel very happy.

Review from SuperGibzz

1. Supergibzzcom

Hi. Many people following me must know that I prefer using a serum because it treats my skin deeply and fast absorbs. Moreover, I like the serum that is non-sticky and processes fast as I don’t have much time to take care of my skin. I need a quick progressive skincare product which gives a swift result in the short time. Today I try the Thai brand serum and I really like it. It answers all my need so I wanna review it and share with all my gals.

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