La Vita Vital Bright Facial Serum

฿1,290.00 ฿1,100.00

La Vita Vital Bright Facial Serum

originates from the wisdom of using natural herbs. It has been elaborately developed with quality and safety guaranteed by scientific research. The product helps to restore the strength of your skin, prevents any aggressors, and protects the skin from the inside.

“Discover The Natural Power To Brighten Your Skin”

Characteristics:  Vital Bright Serum, the product that restores and revives the skin’s cells, protects the skin from threats, strengthens the skin from the  inside, revealing a healthy and bright looking skin.

After-Use Result

– 100% softer skin that is attractive to the touch

– Skin moisturizing: 95%

– Skin smoothing: 95%

– Skin brightening: 91%

– Small wrinkles fading: 91%

*The results of a satisfaction survey of 22 Thai females.


How to use : Apply 2 drops of Vital Bright Serum over the face and neck in the morning and before bedtime after cleaning the face and before the next step of your skin car routine.                                                            Usage : La Vita Vital Bright Serum is highly effective

  • For those who want a bright and smooth facial skin, spread 2 drops (corn seed size) of the serum over the face in the morning and before bedtime.
  • For those who want to cure inflammatory acne spots and prevent acne scars, apply the serum specifically onto the pimples in the morning and before bedtime.